We write pomes at Quality Bar.

We drink.

We choose a theme.

We drink a bit more.

We write a bunch of pomes.

We pay our tabs.

We perform in the street.


What is Late Nate Night Pomes?
(what is a “pome”?!)

Late Night Pomes is a weekly poetry night we hold every Sunday in Portland, Oregon. We design brand new poetry games for poets to challenge each other, try out new forms, and drink beer!

We steal from everywhere. We take ideas from Pokemon, from new movies, from Steven universe, even from outer space to make these games.

These prompts are for pushing writers far outside their comfort zone. A workshop with a public late night reading of brand new material. Inclusive readings that destroy the line between outsiders and insiders in the writing community.

We call it “Late Night Pomes,” pomes, not poems, to take the pressure off. Introduce a mispronunciation, ‘pomes’ not ‘poems,’ and people are more willing to get vulnerable, to take risks.

How do you play?

The poets (or “pomists”) sit around a table, typically late at night at a bar. (Don’t forget pens and paper!) The poets work with one prompt, act by act.

When you’ve written all the acts, the reading begins!

We read under this thing:


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