Fairy Tales

feat. bb, Mickey Collins, Joe Galvan, Sara Kachelman, Ariel Kusby, Olivia Olivia, Phoenix Singer, Piers Rippey, Robert Torres, and Katie Watson.


Dear travelers of the deep, dark woods,

We see you have a basket of breads and beautiful chocolates. We see you are nice in your heart and mean to do well by your grandma. But be the trees are made of glass and there is an old soldier inside one. Be careful, friend.

Write a line about a character in a fairy tale setting. Pass to the left, continue the story.


Every Last One of Them

Armed with nothing but a big fork, I left the family farm.

My friend the talking cat meowed. She carried the matching spoon.

A healthy snack: an apple filled with absinthe.

Godmother beckons to me: Grab the knife out of my ass and I will grant you three wishes.

I took the knife and fork and everyone, but it tasted like straw smells.


Desperately Well-Known

Have you ever walked into a village of strangers who all somehow know your name?

Everyone is burning an effigy of you and the effigy is a bloody rose.

I lost a friend. How could they all tell? They came up behind me, asking me what happened.

I struck them all with rosewater and the city bloomed axes, first through their skulls, then in their limbs, then thin slices.

The city is named after me now and I am the only one inside it.



Tommy (MADE OF LEATHER) trapped in a cave full of balloons.

Every night he dreamt that he had hands made of sewing needles.

Gold thread laced in pleather adorned his machine.

He woke up, still made of leather.

But no longer in a cave, no, now in the arms of a lover.


George, the Conversationalist

George, the world’s finest auto-mechanic is trapped in the world’s most boring conversation.

The wheel doesn’t turn.

It was his fault to start.

But it took two to tango, and George dropped his amateur dancing partner and her smell talk.

But words took him over again, as he bandaged her knees.


The Littlest Insomniac

The little boy’s scabs opened bloody on the factory floor, his fingers barely holding on attempting to work the spindle.

The shift manager (also a white-haired witch) asked, Would he like to go to sleep forever?

Skinned knees, skinned fingers, and undone conscience the little boy didn’t cry but told his manager, Yes.

Still sleep wasn’t an option for the young insomniac.

He sat and stared as the wall turned white.

The god in his rompered-wisdom held up a hand and proclaimed, “CHAOS!”


Dear travelers deep into magical realms,

Bestow a magical object to the poet on your right. Write a fairy tale, line by line, passing the paper right.


Two Castles

Timbo is in a glass castle surrounded by a moat of really hot asphalt.

Timbo has a love-of-his-life trapped in a very nearby castle made of steel.

They can only communicate via tin-can phones, the kind held together by a taut string.

They talk about the storms.

Timbo says into the can, “I love you.”

Timbo’s love says back, “No.”


Big Hole

She hollered, “Help! I am stuck in a big hole!”

“It’s the biggest hole I’ve ever laid my eyes on,” he said.

“It is whispering sweetly something about me,” she said.

“I wish I knew what it was whispering. I don’t speak ‘Big Hole.’”

“I only speak black hole.”


Sunken Ship

Sebastien Is trapped in a cab sunken like a ship.

Bombed thrice, enough…

“Four is too many, two is too little,” said Sebastien.

“All the skeletons were blown apart like far-reaching explorers.

And their hopeful widows watched the horizons for their lost loves, forever more.


Dear friends of Little Hans,

We are worried for Little Hans.

Write the first word you think of, on a small piece of paper, when I say … “Married Object” … then pass this small written object to the left. There is still warmth in my hands. Please unfold your object. Realize it was the only thing that ever mattered to Little Hans. But now somebody will take it away. That someone is you…

Pass back and forth between your many hands. You are the kind ruiners of Little Hans’ fate. How did he lose his fate?


I Only Wanted Eyes

Little Hans had no signal.

He wanted your eyeballs.

Your brittle hands were too weak to stop him from prying open your lids.


Salt and Pepper Might Go Together but Rivers Washed My Love Away

Little Hans wanted pepper but instead got a river.

The river was the world’s only salt producer.

It wasn’t a river; it was an ocean!

Little Hans was so scared of all the massive potential.


My Mother and the Bees Both

Little Hans had a bouquet to obtain bees.

They swarmed slowly, trickling into his hollow

Little Hans led his little bees to his mother’s home.

His mother was allergic and thought that birthing Hans was a very bad deal.

Little Hans mined out a diamond.

Little Hans held it in the pocket of his heart,

an excavation tool.

He had no heart left.



Dear weary travelers,

Creation myths. Receive an object. Consider this object the spark of creation for an image of someone lodged into your heart, as if lodged into an egg, the egg into the stomach of the goose, the stomach in the pouch of a marsupial, and the marsupial in an ancient, crying tree.

Pink Sword

The pop star dressed in a pink dress, a sequin sword and from her lips a duet began.



No Diamonds Left

In a land devoid of diamonds or precious gems, the people gave each other objects of immense beauty to ask for marriage. A young man to woo his lover, sculpted the most beautiful tale he could imagine to give his lover an object of perfect beauty. His lover was so infatuated they washed that face would come to life.


Bubble Boy

In the beginning, the world was water. And then it began to boil. Hot steamy bubbles. One bubble emerged and a young boy popped out. The young boy fell to his knees on the beach. He saw the sky, the mountains, the rivers, the city, all for the first time. The boy wept. For he was never meant to leave the ocean.


Grey Leg

She was born in the leg of a great grey giant. She called upon the spiders to come and cut her out. She crawled up the giant, her father, shipwreck still and unwatching, to see his chest was full of holes. The holes were shaped like her. They had arms and heads and legs. She climbed into one, but immediately fresh hands shoved her out. She crawled up her father’s chest toward a higher hole, another one just like her. It too pushed her away. It seemed there were no holes left for her to crawl into. Every one shoved her away. She crawled down her father and wandered the barren earth.


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