Fairy Tales

ACT 1. Into the Woods

Dear travelers of the deep, dark woods,

We see you have a basket of breads and beautiful chocolates. We see you are nice in your heart and mean to do well by your grandma. But be the trees are made of glass and there is an old soldier inside one. Be careful, friend.

Write a line about a character in a fairy tale setting. Pass to the left, continue the story.


ACT 2. Magical Object

Dear travelers deep into magical realms,

Bestow a magical object to the poet on your right. Write a fairy tale, line by line, passing the paper right.


ACT 3. Little Hans

Dear friends of Little Hans,

We are worried for Little Hans.

Write the first word you think of, on a small piece of paper, when I say … “Married Object” … then pass this small written object to the left. There is still warmth in my hands. Please unfold your object. Realize it was the only thing that ever mattered to Little Hans. But now somebody will take it away. That someone is you…

Pass back and forth between your many hands. You are the kind ruiners of Little Hans’ fate. How did he lose his fate?


ACT 4. Archetypal Character Creation Myth

Dear weary travelers,

Creation myths. Receive an object. Consider this object the spark of creation for an image of someone lodged into your heart, as if lodged into an egg, the egg into the stomach of the goose, the stomach in the pouch of a marsupial, and the marsupial in an ancient, crying tree.

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