Treasure Hunt

ACT 1. Draw the map

Exquisite corpse. Each poet writes a line with instructions for finding the treasure (e.g. move left five paces, me forward six, shout your mother’s name).

Beside their line they draw a dotted line that extends slightly below the poetry line. The poet folds the paper to hide their poetry line but show the bottom of their dotted line.


ACT 2. Find the treasure

The treasure appears differently to each poet. Each poet writes a few lines about their particular treasure. The treasure could be positive or it could be negative. It could be a crown or it could be a box of rocks.


 ACT 3. Fortune reversed

The treasure is reversed. If it was a good find, it’s taken away or is spoiled. If it was a bad find, it becomes good. A crown might poison the pomist. A rock might contain a genie.

notes on performance: poets should perform the instructions written on the map, walking together, pursuing the treasure.

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