Pokemon 20-Year Anniversary

ACT 1. Starter Pokemon

(individual—8 lines)

Spread a bunch of Pokemon cards on the table. Trainers choose from Pokemon cards spread on the table. Move fast to secure favorite, as this is your starter Pokemon, your companion to help you with your first steps into real life.

Write a poem that describes your first big experience with your Pokemon. What cemented your relationship?


ACT 2. Trade

(individual—8 lines)

There are poets out there who will convince you they’ve got something better than you’ve got. For better or worse, this time, you buy it. You trade your starter Pokemon to another poet sitting across from you. You must choose and argue and barter with another poet.

Let all your greed come out.


ACT 3. Battle

(team battle—exquisite corpse)

It’s been twenty years since you’ve seen your starter but you’d recognize it anywhere. Today you battle your starter Pokemon.

The poets divide up into two opposing team. Each team writes an exquisite corpse piece. Each pomist summons all the angst, regret and rage from that fateful decision made ten years ago—channel this rage into an attack sequence.

It’s a battle of one team against another. Poets take turns one at a time.

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