Let’s Get Married!

ACT 1. Vows

Half the table writes vows for one partner. The other half writes vows for the other partner.


ACT 2. Prenup

Pomists write what the conditions for divorce will be.


ACT 3. Wedding Planners


The pomists get into pairs and write a wedding planner company name, slogan, and their proposal (based on their collective knowledge of the couple’s tastes) for the wedding plans. The plans should be three words.


ACT 4. Speech! Speech!

Write a little speech.


ACT 5. Gifts

Write down the gift you think that could best keep a couple together. Pass the gift to the left.

Write a pome about why the item you’ve just received is the best of all possible wedding gifts.


ACT 6. Honeymoon in Iceland: Infractions / Punishments

(exquisite corpse)

The first pomist writes a line about how we angered the mythical little people of Iceland. The next pomist writes what how the little people punished us. This process repeats all the way around the circle of pomists.

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