Don’t Worry About Getting Old

ACT 1. Secret from the Universe

Secrets from the universe now that you are 25, an ‘exquisite corpse’ poem. One poet writes a line at the top of the page, then folds that line over so it is hidden, then passes it to poet on their left, each poet does this until everyone has written a line.


ACT 2. Don’t worry about the [Yugioh card]

  1. You are dealt a yugioh card, write a five line pome to Mickey that starts, ‘Don’t worry about the [title of card].’ Then pass this paper to right
  2. Translate your five lines into three lines. Fold the previous five lines over so they are hidden and then pass this paper to their right
  3. Translate these three lines into one word then folds over so everything but the one word is hidden, they then pass this paper to the right.
  4. It then gets passed twice more, much the same process, but now from one word to two sentences to four sentences.


ACT 3. Perfect birthday date

Write the perfect birthday date you plan to take Mickey on.

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