Mission Apollo

ACT 1: Astrological Excuses

Dear Astros,

It wasn’t up to you, the bad things you did. You were fated by the stars.

Get together in a circle. Be good to each other. Hold hands. “You mean the sun and the moon to me,” say things like that. Each of you, write at the top of your paper something bad you did (we won’t shame you). Fold your bad thing so it’s dark matter. Pass the paper. Upon receiving paper (w/ hidden bad thing), write your astrological excuse.


ACT 2: My Body is a Spaceship

Dear Astros,

First out ships gained personalities. And then we became doomed.

Whisper into the ear of the poet on your left any word that comes to you from space.

Upon hearing your word, use is to influence your body. Describe your body, as if it were a spaceship.


ACT 3: What Happened to the Planets?

Dear Astros,

You’re not so bad. And please tell us of your travels. Please tell us what you’ve learned.

Come together in anti-gravity to form teams of two. Tell us, taking turns, what you found and did on these new planets.

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