I Spy…

ACT 1. The Space

Pomists create a space, writing a concrete details about it, one line by one pomist at a time. Every time a poet writes a new line, he or she should read all lines previous as well as their newly added line. Before writing your own line, take the time and concentration to consider every detail of every input. The goal is to be as vividly entrenched in this imagined space as possible.


ACT 2. I Spy Something… (individual)

Each poet envisions him or herself inside this space as clearly as they can, really trying to inhabit it. Try to walk inside this space, look around until you something new, previously unmentioned. When all pomists have seen something new, each pomist, one at a time, tells the pomist to their right one trait about this new thing they’ve just seen, saying, “I spy something…”


ACT 3. I Spy Something… (exquisite corpse)

The poets envision themselves in the same space again, but now while they’re inside it, they think their given word repetitively like a mantra. They wait until they see something new, then write down exactly what it is they see. They fold it over and pass it to their right. This process continues until each pomist ends up with their original pome.


ACT 4. I Spy Something… (collective)

(written in second person)

Much like act 1, each pomist tries to envision the exact same space as the collectivity proceeds, but for this one, the pomists are trying to envision the same exact sequence of actions in this space, as if the collectivity were narrating one person’s journey in this space. On one piece of paper, each pomist writes a line about this journey then passes the paper.

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