High School Reunion

ACT 1. How’ve you been? As lame as me? Doubt it.

Two pomists pass a paper back and forth. One writes a boring line of something they did that week. Then she passes it to her partner. Her partner writes something he did that was even more boring.


ACT 2. Miss You

Think of a friend you don’t see anymore. Sit and chat. Take note of anytime another pomist displays a mannerism your friend was accustomed to doing. Write these observations down in second person.



A chain pome. One pomist starts by assuming a high school cliche (nerd, jock, stoner). This pome writes to the pomist to her left and assigns to them an identity, beginning their line, “I am the _____, you are the _____.” The “yearbook” goes around until every poet has written something in it.

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